Safety Rules

  1. When riding the SUP, always wear a life jacket.
  2. Do not paddle out alone! Go for a ride at least in pairs! It is more fun and above all safer.
  3. When using the SUP take care about your safety as well as that of others around you. Do not ride too close to swimmers or vessels. Always respect the local water surface traffic regulations.
  4. When paddleboarding on a river using a crash helmet is recommended. By contrast we do not recommend using a leash as it may lead to a dangerous situation in catching an obstacle.
  5. Before any sea trip, get tidal information. Do not underestimate the waves, the wind and the local currents. Always use a leash which prevents losing the board in the sea. Wave riding is recommended for advanced paddlers. Learn the basic rules of surfing and respect surf etiquette.
  6. All water sport activities can bring you into dangerous and life-threatening situations. Before paddling out, consider all the risks and take into account your physical condition.